lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

Mist & Poetry - From Art-Star


Approximately two weeks ago, as I was looking through some boxes in my parents’ house on a rainy late afternoon, I stumbled across pictures of my parents when they were young and a couple more of my sister and me, in various poses, awful outfits (what was our mother thinking?) and diverse places; through the laughter for the absurdity of some moments captured on 35mm (us with matching hats, me running, age four or five, half-naked through a field of weeds holding a stray cat under my arm) I also let some tears escape, realising that childhood memories, or things we thought we’d forgotten and lost forever, are some of the most bittersweet we are to encounter in life.

Federico Durand‘s album El éxtasis de las flores pequeñas, out today on Own Records, is a little bit like that. Recorded in Argentina, mixing acoustic instruments, piano, and field recordings, it is a journey towards the memories of his childhood, a way to press pause and rewind.

By "Girl"

From Art-Star


Thank you deeply "Girl" for this words. It means a lot to me,