viernes, 6 de junio de 2014

Beautiful review by Infinite Grain

Sound is a fountain of epiphanies. When listening gets into moments as placid and serene as those usually created by Federico Durand, it’s not hard task to find the beauty that is found in the act of being, silent, without any interest rather than sounding in (or out). “El estanque esmeralda” is a recreation of memories, a truly visionary work based on time-space collisions where the ears open doors to sublime territories in which thinking becomes unnecessary because the sonic element is enough and its details require complete attention. In this album, field recordings are lightly planted and finely merged with ethereal melodies, subtle sound fluids and delicate atmospheres, resulting into graceful but uncanny soundscapes constructed for delighting the senses and sending them to a liberating listening experience. A masterpiece of organic music; onirism at the ears, a way of becoming sound. (Spekk)


Thank you very much Infinite Grain for this wonderful review. I am very happy that you feel the friendly ghost of "El estanque esmeralda".