martes, 31 de marzo de 2015

miércoles, 11 de marzo de 2015

New CD - Música para Manuel (Hibernate, UK)

I am very happy to present you "Música para Manuel".

This album is released by the lovely UK label Hibernate Recordings.

Federico Durand is a sound artist from Argentina. Since his debut album on Spekk (La siesta del ciprés) in 2010, he has been constantly releasing beautiful albums on labels such as Home Normal, Dauw, Own Records, Desire Path and White Paddy Mountain. Federico’s work includes lots of field recordings mixed in with guitar, piano, tape loops and many other organic sources. 

Música para Manuel was originally made for cassette and sold out during Federico’s tour of Japan in 2014. The tape was limited to just two tracks but for us Federico has extended it into a full length and added 3 new tracks. The album is dedicated to Manuel Mellado, Federico’s grandfather who lost both his parents as a child and was, and still is, a very important presence in Federico’s life.

Federico Durand : Música para Manuel 
Label : Hibernate (UK)
Release date : March 13th. 2015
Format : CD
Edition : limited to 200 copies. 
Picture by Unknow Artist, Buenos Aires.
Mastering : Wil Bolton.
Design : Ian Hazeldine. 

You can purchase this CD HERE.

Thank you very much Jonathan, from Hibernate for the care put in this release, Wil for the beautiful mastering and Ian for the design.