lunes, 2 de octubre de 2017

Concierto en el Festival Internacional Trimarchi, Mar del Plata

¡Amigos! El día domingo 8 de octubre estaré tocando en el Festival Internacional Trimarchi de Diseño, Arquitectura, Música, &c. en la bella ciudad de Mar del Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires. Un concierto de melodías en loop junto al Hotel Provincial.

¡Muchas gracias Seba AcampanteDiego MontoyaAntonio Savasta Alsina y demás organizadores!

miércoles, 6 de septiembre de 2017

Concert @ Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, Ciclo Escuchar

Queridos amigos, el día 17 de septiembre estaré tocando en el Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, en el maravilloso ciclo escuchar.

¡Muchas gracias Leandro Frías y Jorge Haro por la cordial invitación!

¡Los espero! F.

jueves, 27 de julio de 2017

A beautiful review & story by Fiftyfootshadows

Ambient music has continued to be a stabilizing force within my day to day life. It breathes calm into moments of chaos and helps moments of joy feel transcendent. Among my favorite discoveries lately is the album La Niña Junco by Federico Durand released on the 12k Label.

The album has a purity to its concept that I greatly admire and appreciate. The whole of the release was created using one single synthesizer, and to great effect. It causes each song to pool into a collective whole as if each new exploration of the instrument is a single block building a home, a cozy, light filled home from open windows and warm summer breeze. While that may sound over the top, its my best attempt at describing how its left me feeling at times.

Hidden among the album is a song which has quickly become a quintessential piece of ambient music within my all time favorites called Navidad en el bosque. When I first heard it I must have left it on repeat for an hour, and continue to come back to it time and time again. It is both somber and hopeful, contemplative and full of subtle life with its waves of light hearted sound. Its the kind of music that makes the world around me feel empty without it playing within it.

While most 12k releases come out in physical form via CD, this one has a well suited vinyl edition that sounds beautiful. If you are curious about the toy bird in the photo above. It came in a pack of Japanese caramels and has lived around my turntable for a long while. When I started to share the process of playing vinyl records with my one year old daughter I placed the toy on the label so she could see that the disc was spinning around and around. Now, at 16 months old she loves to make attempts at helping me play records and because I included the bird as part of that initial learning experience, now she won’t let me play a record without the little wooden bird spinning round and round there on the record along with the music because, of course, thats just part of what makes it work. She sure loves music, which really brings me joy.

At any rate, if you are into ambient, contemplative music then be sure to have a listen to this fantastic release on 12k (which just happens to currently have a summer sale going on through the end of the month so its a perfect time to pick up a copy if you end up enjoying it as much as I have.)


Muchas gracias Fiftyfootshadows & John Carey! F.

lunes, 10 de julio de 2017

Hitomi Koma's beautiful cat & "La niña junco"

You can enter to Hitomi Koma's beautiful world HERE.

Thank you very much! F.

domingo, 9 de julio de 2017

Concert & exhibition in our small bookstore in La Cumbre

El viernes 14 de julio a las 17 hs. los invitamos a Casita de Libros para compartir la apertura de la muestra de dibujos y originales Habitantes del Valle con trabajos de las ilustradoras Cecilia AELucia Mancilla Prieto, Luján Ramón, Bela Oviedo y Paola Zakimi - Polita Lala junto a un pequeño concierto de mi parte. ¡Los esperamos! 

sábado, 24 de junio de 2017

A wonderful review by Data.Wave

All the tracks from the new album La Niña Junco (released on the label 12k) by Federico Durand are real lullabies reminding us of the beautiful and tranquil time of our childhood. You won't find any radically innovative musical moves here; instead you'll see how using just sincere ingenuity and sound a musician can create a musical piece with ease and simplicity. 

The first track La historia de la niña junco is a tender beginning to Federico's story. Just a few minutes in 
we can already feel the forest and the sound of the wind, listening to his track with a title that speaks for itself:Navidad en el Bosque. I'm also impressed by the harmony of the background noises and the lead melodies of the tracks. Far-away rustles, micro-sounds and keys of the track Rondel also perfectly fit the overall theme of the album. The mood of this work is pensive and melancholic. 

In my opinion, the main «talking» piece of La Niña Junco is the track called Una plaza junto a las vias del tren; its light and marvellous melody sticks in your memory. It should be noted that the original cover for this release was created by Lola Goldstein, a famous artist from Argentina, the home country of the musican himself. 

As listen to it again and again, I like to imagine how multiple generations of young people grow up listening to the sounds of Federico Durand's music; and let us not forget about the adults, they can be dreamers as well!

Author: Uniq


Muchas gracias Uniq y Data Wave por la escucha y las palabras buenas, F.

viernes, 23 de junio de 2017

New Kazuya Matsumoto by Spekk (Japan) with a special CD souvenir with a concert we made in Niigata, 19th. March 2017

¡Amigos! Kazuya Matsumoto acaba de editar su nuevo trabajo a través de SPEKK (Japón). Grabaciones donde utiliza una cueva de piedra como instrumento musical, dejando que las gotas caigan sobre placas de un metalofón distribuidas sobre la superficie rocosa. ¡Un disco mágico! Quienes compren el disco directamente en Tower Records (Japón) obtendrán, también, un CD especial con el registro del concierto en vivo que Kazuya-san y yo dimos en Niigata el día 19 de marzo de este año. Aquí abajo, comparto fotos y links. ¡Buen día!

Thank you very much! F.

lunes, 22 de mayo de 2017

C’est à un voyage baigné de douceur et de poésie, que nous convie une nouvelle fois, l’argentin Federico Durand, à l’mage de son superbe A Través Del Espejo sorti l’année dernière.
Avec La Niña Junco, il compose une musique ambient aux nappes frappant l’imagination avec subtilité, assemblant bruitages organiques et sonorités abstraites aux images floutées, pour une perte des sens noyée dans un voile soyeux caressé par une lumière chaleureuse à l’éblouissement tamisé.
Federico Durand joue avec les balancements et les fluctuations, atteignant parfois une certaine forme de mysticisme aux yeux clos et l’esprit vagabond. Il nous caresse de par ses mélodies nuageuses, à la légèreté transparente que l’on aimerait tenir entre nos mains avant de les laisser à nouveau flotter. Un album délicat et évanescent à écouter sous une pluie d’étoiles filantes. Enivrant.
Roland Torres
Muchas gracias Roland Torres & Silence And Sound por la bella reseña! F.

martes, 16 de mayo de 2017

My new LP reviewed from Italy!

Poche immagini possono adattarsi meglio di quella del germoglio di una pianta esile ma resistente come il giunco alla musica di Federico Durand, tanto delicata quanto dotata di ben definiti tratti di un naturalismo sonoro che trova la propria metafora nella manifestazione improvvisa di un’ispirazione.
Nel caso del suo ultimo lavoro solista intitolato appunto “La Niña Junco”, il motore della creatività è stato il ritrovamento da parte dell’artista argentino di un vecchio synth, il primo sul quale aveva cominciato a condurre le proprie esplorazioni sulle componenti organiche di minute particelle sonore. Proiettato indietro nel tempo, nel suo rifugio a contatto con la natura, tra le valli dell’Argentina centrale, Durand ha creato in presa diretta, nel volgere di appena un paio di giorni, i nove concisi brani che formano “La Niña Junco” e ne recano l’inconfondibile tocco delicato.
Soltanto a tratti caratterizzate da pulsazioni giocose, evidentemente determinate proprio dalla strumentazione ritrovata, le composizioni di Durand pennellano un microcosmo di equilibri fragili ma perfetti tra impulsi giustapposti in brevi loop che generano risonanze i cui vuoti sono riempiti da un pulviscolo tanto impalpabile quando decisivo nel trasmettere sensazioni di immediata spontaneità creativa. Pur non essendo direttamente connesso a un’idea di fondo proveniente dall’ambiente naturale, come invece molte opere di Durand, “La Niña Junco” si inserisce a pieno titolo nel suo ecosistema sonoro, colto nell’occasione nell’unicità della sua relazione tra individuo, tempo e ambiente.
Muchas gracias Raffaello Russo y Music Won't Save You for your heartfelt listening! F.

lunes, 15 de mayo de 2017

A beautiful review made by Ele-King (Japan)

Ele-King (Japan)

 フェデリコ・デュランドはアルゼンチン出身で1976年生まれのアンビエント・アーティスト。〈ホワイト・パディ・マウンテン〉、〈スペック〉、〈12k〉、〈プードゥ〉など錚々たるレーベルからアルバムを発表してきたことでも知られ、この2017年は、すでに〈12k〉からソロ・アルバム『ラ・ニーニャ・ジュンコ(La Niña Junco)』を発表している。『ラ・ニーニャ・ジュンコ』もまた彼らしい優雅な時間と深い記憶の交錯、純朴な音と繊細なサウンド・トリートメントによって、「音楽」が溶け合うようなアンビエント・アルバムに仕上がっていた。聴いていると耳がゆっくりと洗われるような気分にもなってくる。ちなみにローレンス・イングリッシュが主宰する〈ルーム40〉からの新作も控えている。
 全5曲、どのトラックも、ふたりのアンビエント・アーティスト特有の「時間・記憶・音意識」が繊細な空間意識と音響感覚で見事に融合している。記憶と時間の結晶? まるで異国の地への郷愁のような、不思議な旅情を称えたアンビエント・アルバムのようにも思えた。
Muchas gracias Ele-King for la maravillosa reseña! F.

jueves, 11 de mayo de 2017

"La niña junco" reviewed by Ondarock (Italia)

Si tratti di affinità elettive o di proselitismo, nessun'altra etichetta sarebbe stata adatta a ospitare la musica di Federico Durand quanto la 12k di Taylor Deupree, di ritorno nel 2017 con le delicate sequenze indeterminate di "Somi". Attivo dall'inizio del decennio, poco più di un anno fa l'autore argentino trovava infatti la casa ideale per "A Través Del Espejo", ultimo di una già nutrita serie di album ambient dallo stile intimo e inconfondibile.
Con "La Niña Junco" Durand ha voluto portare a compimento un esercizio di essenzialità, riducendo ai minimi termini gli strumenti a sua disposizione: con un unico sintetizzatore Crumar Performer, due pedali loop e uno per il delay è infatti riuscito a plasmare nove tracce infuse di una grazia surreale, in bilico tra bozzettismo figurativo e onirica astrazione.

Seppure su tutte sia più calzante l'analogia coi morbidi tappeti del bedroom pop firmato Trouble Books ("La historia de la niña junco", "Lluvia de estrellas"), non risulta pretestuosa l'ulteriore associazione con le recenti prove del maestro Eno: se il suo "Lux" era un quadro oggettivante e cristallino su una natura immota, le miniature di Durand si appigliano a suggestioni che spaziano dall'istantanea fotografica ("Una plaza junto a las vías del tren") alla sinestesia tattile (i due movimenti di una ipotetica "melodia di peluche").
È lo stesso tratto gentile delle forme fantastiche di Joan Miró, ma anche delle favole partorite nel "regno dei sogni e della follia" chiamato Studio Ghibli, giunto di recente all'essenza della sua arte collettiva proprio con "La storia della principessa splendente".

Quando non c'è null'altro da dire, rimane soltanto l'ascolto e le immaginazioni da esso innescate: una pratica alla quale l'intero catalogo 12k ci ha sempre educato - con prodotti "di genere" ma che non possono mai semplicemente scivolare in sottofondo - e che un gioiello come "La Niña Junco" merita in particolar modo.


Muchas gracias Ondarock y Michele Palozzo por la reseña! F.

lunes, 8 de mayo de 2017

"La niña junco" reviewed by Loop (Chile)

Loop (CL)

This is the second album released on 12k after the following A Través del Espejo (2016) of Argentine musician Federico Durand, based in La Cumbre, a town of the of Cordoba’s mountain range, who in the last four years have seven releases on 12k, Spekk, White Paddy Mountain and Pudú labels.
In this breakthrough creative production, Durand recorded all nine songs on this album in two days, using his first Crumar Performer synthesizer along with two looping pedals and Roland Space Echo RE-201.
Immersed in small sounds that unfold slowly creating unpolished infant stories that release the hiss itself for nostalgia. The oscillations are like sea waves of the sea that come and go and small objects like palitroques beat each other. The dance of reeds shaken by the wind is the fresh air that shakes this disc for its simple beauty.
Muchas gracias Guillermo Escudero y Loop! Saludos cordiales desde las Sierras! F.

domingo, 7 de mayo de 2017

A wonderful review from UK!

Federico Durand - La niña junco (12k)

6 years ago I would have found myself revising in the garden for some of my last school exams at this very table, perhaps beneath this same umbrella. 2 years before that, and I was revising for my GCSEs when I was 16. The scenery’s different now; the family home moved and now I sit by the canalside, the furniture is certainly a little worse for wear, but there’s a certain sweet nostalgia to being here. I sit here like an echo, a fair-weather ghost returning to familiar spots to work and write.
Bittersweetness is a running theme with Durand, a consistent trend in his minimal, organic constructions; in equal measure the reductive nature of his music creates environments both lovingly reverberant and simple, as well as crooning and wistful, yearning for places and people since passed. Take “Navidad en el bosque”, Christmas in the Forest: a brilliant reflection of time and space, soft static fuzz gently dampening the slow synth movements as the trees and snow close in, the world muted in its blanket of snow and foliage. The faded, distal glimmerings of “Una plaza a las vias del tren” (The Square Beside The Train Tracks) are similarly wanting, trickling out in crooning and tired cyclings, nothing more than a dream of place.
There’s a pastoral, even perhaps parochial vibe to certain moments here; “Melodia de felpa” and its later continuation shine in thinned strands of electronica, slow and simple abstractions suspended in rarified drones that brush the senses like blossoms in the air, or adrift dandelion seeds. Later, “El cascabel de plata” unrolls in soothing passages of tumbling synth lines, like distant and unseen church bells that ring and echo about the landscape, a barely detectable breeze wafting each note towards us.
Everything is dreamlike, each piece sounding as though it’s being slowly washed up on the shores of our mind, every tide a slice of time returned, every sloshing wave a moment of memory. More than happy to let it continue, closer Rain of Stars, “Iluvia de estrellas”, hardly touches the senses as it allows precious few floaty, twinkling chords to penetrate the cool void. The select flurries that do make it out of the darkness are faded, ancient in sound and sight; their place in the heavens is secure and enduring, without concern for ephemerality or transience. How many humans have lost themselves beneath them, dreaming themselves back through time under their fixed, continual gaze? Sometimes I ask the same question of Durand’s music.
Chris Doherty for HearFeel.
¡Muchas gracias por la escucha sensible! F.

viernes, 5 de mayo de 2017

NEW LP! "La niña junco" (12k)

Federico Durand - La niña Junco

label : 12k (USA)
artwork : Lola Goldstein 
design : Taylor Deupree
master : Taylor Deupree
release date : 14 April 2017
format : Vinyl LP

Argentinian musician Federico Durand returns with his 2nd full length album on 12k following 2016’s A Través Del Espejo (12k1085). Taking his already minimalist composition style Federico challenged himself by using only one synthesizer for this beautiful album of sparse, hypnotic dustiness. His talent for creating works of so much emotion out of so little attest to his concentration when working and his passion for the craft. La Niña Junco is a handwoven gem. Music with a humble origin and a deep resonating soul. Famed Argentinian artist Lola Goldstein graciously illustrated the album cover, caputuring the idea of memory and object that is so infused with Federico’s work. 

"Immersed in the beauty of the very moment, the songs for La Niña Junco were recorded in one take during two days, in a rush of inspiration. I used a small sound palette: one instrument, a Crumar Performer synthesizer along with two looping pedals and Roland Space Echo RE-201. The Crumar was my first synthesizer. I bought it many years ago and then gave it to a friend, who later lent it to my brother. After a very long time, I got it back when we moved to La Cumbre, a small town in the central mountain area of Argentina. As this instrument has a very limited but beautiful oscilator, it was rewarding to make small melodies using only its almost magical sound. I was enchanted to have the chance to play with my Crumar again: in many ways this album feels like returning to an early home. The electric noises of my old, broken keyboard, were an unexpected and musical gift and a humble proof of the passing of time." 

- Federico Durand, La Cumbre, 2017

You can purchase the vinyl and digital thorugh 12k Bandcamp:

martes, 2 de mayo de 2017

NEW ALBUM! Melodía ~ Small Conversations

"Small Conversations" is New album of Melodía. Melodía is Federico Durand and Tomoyoshi Date. 
In this work, hay made beautiful natural texture using acoustic guitar, chitters, piano, organ, etc. Space and time are arranged with exquisite sense. That sound is an elegant ambient music that makes you feel like a serene chamber music.

12kやspekkなどの数々の名門アンビエントレーベルから多数リリスがある人気アンビエント作家Federico Durand とTomoyoshi Juliano Date による、アコースティック・アンビエントデュオ『Melodia』の通算3枚目のアルバムが遂に完成した。
必要最低限の音数で構成されているため、何度も聞きたくなる魔術的な魅力が宿っている。実際に演奏の緊張感を高めるために現代の音楽制作手法ではめずらしくマルチトラックレコーディングではなく1トラックでのレコーディング手法が採用されており、その事もあってか相互の楽器間の響きの混じり合いや、位相などが澱みなく録音されている。また3曲目では2017年の来日ツアーでも大好評だったFederico Durandの貴重なピアノのプレイも収録!穏やかな時間の流れを体感できる至高の1枚となった。
You can order it here:

jueves, 20 de abril de 2017

点対称の園丁へ ~ VIDEO : Live concert in Kobe

点対称の園丁へ from kisana on Vimeo.

 Federico Durand Japan Tour 2017
 the Duo with Hofli / Takashi Tsudai
 Live paint |Fuuyanm
 cinematography|KiSANA LiNES

You need to click and enter to Vimeo to see the video.

¡Muchas gracias!

domingo, 16 de abril de 2017

Casita de Libros

I made a concert in our bookstore along with an exhibition of my friend Cecilia Afonso Esteves. Wonderful time in our small hometown.

sábado, 8 de abril de 2017

Concierto in our small bookstore Casita de Libros, La Cumbre, Argentina

Muestra y concierto en Casita de Libros, La Cumbre, Argentina

El próximo sábado 15 de abril, a partir de las 17 hs., Casita de Libros tiene el agrado de invitarlos a su Celebración de Otoño con la que saludamos a nuestros amigos y vecinos y los inivitamos a conocernos.
Exhibiremos obras de Cecilia Afonso Esteves bajo el cedro y en el interior de la Casita de Libros. Inauguraremos un mural pintado por Cecilia en la fachada y presentaremos una publicación de poemas de John Keats.
A las 19:30 hs. Federico Durand, recientemente llegado de su gira por Japón, ofrecerá un pequeño concierto que completará nuestro homenaje al bello otoño que tanto nos gusta, ¡los esperamos!


A beautiful exhibition and concert in our small bookstore in La Cumbre, Argentina!

viernes, 7 de abril de 2017

Concert in Patagonia!

¡Amigos, buen día! Maravillosa noticia: El 22 de abril estaré tocando en el refugio Agostino Rocca, en el Cerro Tronador, Bariloche, invitado por El Monte Lab, el refugio. 5 horas de subida, a través de la cuesta de la montaña y bellos bosques patagónicos. Este recital forma parte de un proyecto mayor del cual les contaré más adelante. ¡Muchas gracias Victoria Sayago y Bruno Stecconi!
Friends, good afternoon! Wonderful news: On April 22th. I will be playing in the shelter Agostino Rocca, in Cerro Tronador, Bariloche, invited by El Monte Lab & the refuge crew. 5 hours uphill, through the slope of the mountain and beautiful Patagonian forests. This recital is part of a larger project which I will tell you about later. Thank you very much!

sábado, 28 de enero de 2017

Federico Durand ~ JAPAN TOUR 2017

3/10 Ftarri, Tokyo

Federico Durand / El jardín de la armonía TOKYO session 

Date and time: March 10, 2017 (Friday) opening 19: 00 opening 19: 30

Venue: FTARRI Suidobashi Branch
Hongo 1-4-11, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Okano building basement first floor

Admission: 2000 yen (no drinks allowed)


Federico Durand (Argentina)
○星形の庭(津田貴司:E.ギター+佐藤香織:アコーディオン)Hofli + Kaori Sato

○畠山地平 (Chihei Hatakeyama)

主催:PNdB atelier(問い合わせ:hofli/TAKASHI TSUDA


3/15 Space M, TOKYO フェデリコデュランド + ナカムラトモツグ Federico Durand + Tomotsugu Nakamura
【日程】2017年3月15日 【場所+地図】Space M Gallery Cafe
〒153-0042 東京都目黒区青葉台1-14-18 B1 Phone:03-3462-0682 【タイムテーブル】Open 19:00  Start 19:40-20:30  【料金】事前予約:2500円 当日券:3000yen +1 Drink 【専用ご予約フォーム】 【Date】15 March 2017 (wedneday) 【Place+AccsessMap】Space M Gallery Cafe 1-14-18 B1 Aobadai Meguroku Tokyo Phone:03-3462-0682 【Time Table】Open 19:00  Start 19:40-20:30 【Charge】Adv:2500yen Door:3000yen +1 Drink 【Reservation form】
3/16 Ethnorth Gallery, TOKYO
日本でも大人気のアルゼンチンの音楽家フェデリコ・デュンドの来日公演が、当店の2Fギャラリーにて開催決定!!昨年9月には当店音楽部門の音響レーベルSPEKKより最新作”Jardín de invierno”をリリース。スペイン語で「冬のガーデン」と名付けられた今作発表後初の来日公演、13名完全予約制でにて極上の音世界をお過ごしください。
【Performance Details & Reservation Method】
■ Date: March 16th (Thursday) ■ (opening) 19: 15 (opening) 19: 30 * Scheduled for 60 minutes of performance time ■ Price: 2,500 yen (On the day of delivery, you will be charged on entry) ■ How to make a reservation: Up to 13 people with a first-come first served basis. If you wish, we will offer to our staff at the shop front, or you can make the subject of the e-mail <Federico Live Performance>, and e-mail address of info @ "name" "number of people" "contact information of the day Telephone number ", please send it.
Sold out.

3/17 Ethnorth Gallery, Tokyo
日本でも大人気のアルゼンチンの音楽家フェデリコ・デュランドの来日公演が、当店の2Fギャラリーにて開催決定!!昨年9月には当店音楽部門の音響レーベルSPEKKより最新作”Jardín de invierno”をリリース。スペイン語で「冬のガーデン」と名付けられた今作発表後初の来日公演、13名完全予約制でにて極上の音世界をお過ごしください
【Performance Details & Reservation Method
■ Date: March 17th (Friday)
■ (opening) 19: 15 (opening) 19: 30 * Scheduled for 60 minutes of performance time
■ Price: 2,500 yen (On the day of delivery, you will be charged on entry)
■ How to make a reservation: Up to 13 people with a first-come first served basis. If you wish, we will offer to our staff at the shop front, or you can make the subject of the e-mail <Federico Live Performance>, and e-mail address of info @ "name" "number of people" "contact information of the day Telephone number ", please send it.
Sold out.
3/18 Anyouin Temple, Tokyo

●3.18 (Sat) 
Itabashi @ Anyoin (temple)

Open 15:30 / Start 16:00   
AD.¥3,300 / Door.¥3,800


Federico Durand + Chihei Hatakeyama
dit sese

Yoshitaka Shirakura



3/19 Sakyukan, Niigata 

Niigata Performance:

▲ Date and time: March 19th (Sunday) 17: 00 opening / 17: 30 opening

▲ Cast: Federico / Durand (from Argentina), minamo, Kazuya Matsumoto, ASUNA

▲ Place: Sakyukan (5218-1 Nishihata-cho, Chuo-ku Niigata City)

▲ Price: 3,000 yen (reservation) / 3,500 yen (the day) / 2,500 yen (outside prefecture) / under 18 years old Free

▲ Reservation: Email

△ Details: experimental rooms -


3/20 Kapo, Kanazawa


MARCH 20 open 15h30 / start 16h
Kapo (3-1-27 Nomachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa)
Federico Durand (from Argentina), minamo, Kazuya MatsumotoASUNA
reservation 3,000 yen / door 3,500 yen / students 2,000 yen (for reservation)


3/22 Nowhere, Toyama 


MARCH 22 open 19h / start 19h30
Nowhere (34-5 Fuchumachi-Shimosakakura, Toyama)
Federico Durand (from Argentina), ASUNA, Tomoyoshi Date
reservation 3,000 yen / door 3,500 yen / students 2,000 yen (for reservation)


3/24 Guggenheim House, Kobe

出演:Federico Durand/hofli

日時:2017年3月24日 (金) open 19:00 start 19:30
会場:旧グッゲンハイム邸(JR / 山陽塩屋駅徒歩5分)
〒655-0872 神戸市垂水区塩屋町3丁目5-17
料金:予約 3,000円 当日 3,500円
主催:PNdB-atelierPASTEL RECORDSねこのて舎


3/25 Sun+Moon+Star, Nara

受付開始:15:30 / 演奏開始:17:00
出演:Federico Durand/hofli
〒630-8112 奈良市多門町35-2
料金:予約3,000円 / 当日3,500円(予約/当日ともドリンクなし。珈琲は各自自由にご注文いただけます)
協力:skima industries日+月+星
Thank you very much! I am really happy to have the chance to my play music in Japan with many friends and visit beautiful places! I hope to see you there! Federico