miércoles, 25 de enero de 2012

Winter at Night (Japan)

Beautiful compilation album by Nature Bliss (Japan) along with Spekk, Panai, Nature Bliss, Preservation, Wonderyou and Plop artists.



tr.1 "Snow Dress" by Sad Souls
from 「Apeiron」PLOP
tr.2 "Viima" by Ous Mal
from 「Nuojuva Halava」 (Preservation)
tr.3 "Los Alerces Del Patio" by Federico Durand
from 「La Siesta Del Cipre's」 (spekk)
tr.4 "Magnetar" by Ohanami
from 「Ohanami」 (wonderyou)
tr.5 "Swish" by Sami Abadi
from 「Amber & Topaz」 (panai)

tr.6 "Summer Palace" by Wu Fei
from 「A Distant Youth」 panaiから2012年2月リリース予定。

tr.7 "Trees Reflecting On The Surface Of The Lake" by Opitope 
from 「Hau」 (spekk)

tr8 "Cloud Speed" by Sad Souls
from 「Apeiron」PLOPから2012年2月リリース予定。

tr.9 "Eyrie Of The Phoenix" by Janek Schaefer
from 「Phoenix & Phaedra Holding Patterns」 (spekk)