jueves, 27 de julio de 2017

A beautiful review & story by Fiftyfootshadows

Ambient music has continued to be a stabilizing force within my day to day life. It breathes calm into moments of chaos and helps moments of joy feel transcendent. Among my favorite discoveries lately is the album La Niña Junco by Federico Durand released on the 12k Label.

The album has a purity to its concept that I greatly admire and appreciate. The whole of the release was created using one single synthesizer, and to great effect. It causes each song to pool into a collective whole as if each new exploration of the instrument is a single block building a home, a cozy, light filled home from open windows and warm summer breeze. While that may sound over the top, its my best attempt at describing how its left me feeling at times.

Hidden among the album is a song which has quickly become a quintessential piece of ambient music within my all time favorites called Navidad en el bosque. When I first heard it I must have left it on repeat for an hour, and continue to come back to it time and time again. It is both somber and hopeful, contemplative and full of subtle life with its waves of light hearted sound. Its the kind of music that makes the world around me feel empty without it playing within it.

While most 12k releases come out in physical form via CD, this one has a well suited vinyl edition that sounds beautiful. If you are curious about the toy bird in the photo above. It came in a pack of Japanese caramels and has lived around my turntable for a long while. When I started to share the process of playing vinyl records with my one year old daughter I placed the toy on the label so she could see that the disc was spinning around and around. Now, at 16 months old she loves to make attempts at helping me play records and because I included the bird as part of that initial learning experience, now she won’t let me play a record without the little wooden bird spinning round and round there on the record along with the music because, of course, thats just part of what makes it work. She sure loves music, which really brings me joy.

At any rate, if you are into ambient, contemplative music then be sure to have a listen to this fantastic release on 12k (which just happens to currently have a summer sale going on through the end of the month so its a perfect time to pick up a copy if you end up enjoying it as much as I have.)


Muchas gracias Fiftyfootshadows & John Carey! F.

lunes, 10 de julio de 2017

Hitomi Koma's beautiful cat & "La niña junco"

You can enter to Hitomi Koma's beautiful world HERE.

Thank you very much! F.

domingo, 9 de julio de 2017

Concert & exhibition in our small bookstore in La Cumbre

El viernes 14 de julio a las 17 hs. los invitamos a Casita de Libros para compartir la apertura de la muestra de dibujos y originales Habitantes del Valle con trabajos de las ilustradoras Cecilia AELucia Mancilla Prieto, Luján Ramón, Bela Oviedo y Paola Zakimi - Polita Lala junto a un pequeño concierto de mi parte. ¡Los esperamos!