viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014

New album! ~ "El estanque esmeralda" (SPEKK, Japan)

Federico Durand : "El estanque esmeralda"
label : Spekk (Japan)
artwork : mondii
photo : Federico Durand
master : Chihei Hatakeyama
release date : April 2014 (WORLDWIDE)
cat : KK028 / format : CD

SPEKKからのファーストアルバム以来、日本でも人気の高いアルゼンチンの 電子音楽家による待望の最新作。本人も「これまでの最高傑作!」と断言する極上の1枚で、ジャケットのような、まるで天上界の草原で神々しく鳴っているような、眩く超越した美しさです。所謂ドローン作品ではないのにも関わらず、抽象音などでここまで情感的に描かれた作品はそうそうありません!またまた、歴史に足跡を残す金字塔作品です!

Description (text by Federico Durand)
I usually like to talk about the memories of my childhood. One day, when my grandparents took me to a trip to the southern mountains and forests in my country, I met these wonderful landscapes for the
first time - larches and the beautiful green colored lakes. During that trip, I suddenly caught a cold but nevertheless, my grandparents took me for a walk around the pond. In my blurry memories, the emerald
color of the water, the wooden bridge and flowers remained inside of me as if it was a dream. Many years later, I visited the Museum of Decorative Arts in Buenos Aires with my wife Lucia and we sat in a
cafe inside the garden. Near our table was an ornamental pond, with lilies and reeds. While looking at the flowers, I suddenly had this vivid impression, and flashback of the old pond that I saw in my childhood
so clearly. “El estanque esmeralda” (The Emerald Pond) was made in remembrance of that vision. For this album, I used different kinds of instruments, but I wanted to keep music very simple: little melodies and cassette tapes, some of them from 30 years ago that I found lying on the streets of my city, Buenos Aires. I hope you will enjoy this wander to the Emerald Pond.


I am very happy about this special release, Spekk is one of my favorite labels! This album will be ready for the Japanese Tour ~ 
花見 2014. Thank you very much! F.

miércoles, 5 de marzo de 2014

花見 ~ Japan Tour 2014

来る14年3月末、4月に初来日となるStephan Mathieu, Federico Durand,
そして盟友・Taylor Deupreeを迎えて、東京・京都ツアーがついに実現!!
今回で第六回目となる「Kualauk Table」主催による、お寺で荘厳音響に包まれる音楽イベントも、今回は規模拡大につきド級の会場とPAでお出迎えします!!
「Kualauk Table」による過去の公演企画チケットは、いずれも前売り券で完売しておりますので、お早めのご予約をお勧めします。

3/28 (Fri) 青山 CAY
Melodia (Tomoyoshi Date + Federico Durand)
Ichiko Aoba

3/29 (Sat) 水道橋 Ftarri
Melodia (Tomoyoshi Date + Federico Durand)
Asuna + Opitope

3/30 (Sun) 吉祥寺 Tone
Grand Slavo
Federico Durand

4/2 (Wed) 水道橋 Ftarri
Toshimaru Nakamura + Ken Ikeda + Tomoyoshi Date
Federico Durand + hofli
Makoto Ohshiro + Satoshi Yashiro

4/5 (Sat) 京都
Stephan Mathieu + Taylor Deupree
Federico Durand

Live PA: sonihouse

4/6 (Sun) 京都
Stephan Mathieu + Federico Durand
Taylor Deupree + ILLUHA
Stephan Mathieu 

4/10 (Thu) 青山 CAY
Stephan Mathieu + Taylor Deupree
Federico Durand + Opitope


4/12 (Sat) 鎌倉 光明寺
Open 12:30 Close 18:00
Stephan Mathieu + Taylor Deupree + ILLUHA
Toshimaru Nakamura + Tetsuji Akiyama 
Ken Ikeda + Sawako
Melodía + Tetsuro Yasunaga

Live PA: flysound

4/13 (Sun) 中目黒 Midori-so
only 50 audience
Stephan Mathieu + Toshimaru Nakamura
Taylor Deupree + Federico Durand + ILLUHA
Tetuzi Akiyama + Ken Ikeda + Chihei Hatakeyama
Minoru Sato (m/s, SASW) + ASUNA

Gracias por compartir la felicidad de un sueño hecho realidad, F.


domingo, 2 de marzo de 2014

Concierto en Buenos Aires, antes del viaje a Japón

El hilo musical

Una velada de música e introspección 


Pablo Reche + Faustino Goyena

Sebastián M. Paolucci + Juan José Calarco + Federico Durand



La cita será el día viernes 7 a las 21 horas en Una.Casa, el maravilloso espacio de Charles della Casa. Por favor, pedir dirección por mensaje privado.