Acaba de salir en Korea este compilado que incluye una pieza mía, junto a otras de talentosos artistas. ¡Muchas gracias Your-Mind y Raya Kim por la invitación y el hermoso diseño del CD!
늦은 시각까지 깨어 있는 사람들을 위한 음악 모음집 <새벽을 위한 믹스테잎 II>(라야 | 유어마인드 | 17,500원)를 발매합니다. 양장 제책법을 활용하여 만들었습니다.
선곡, 음반디자인, PV: 라야(Raya)
새벽을 위한 믹스테잎 II

조용한 시간에 어울리는 곡의 모음집 - 그 두 번째.
늦은 시각까지 깨어 있는 사람들을 위한 차분하고 아름다운 음악 열두 곡을 모았다.

멜로디가 돋보이는 곡으로 시작하는 음반은, 침묵을 아름답게 활용한 프랑스의 작곡가 쥴리앙 마샬(Julien Marchal)의 솔로 피아노 곡, 피아노 선율에 다양한 전자음을 더해 공간감을 만든 아르헨티나의 작곡가 율리시스 콘티(Ulises Conti)의 곡, 그리고 러시아의 음악가 머르콕(Murkok)의 아름다우면서 무거운 앰비언트 곡을 지나며 점차 깊은 밤에 어울리는 분위기로 흘러간다.

반복적으로 쌓은 현악기 소리로 불안감과 함께 멍하니 빠져들게 하는 안텐덱스(Antendex), 따스한 빛을 연상시키는 대런 맥루어(Darren McClure), 깊이 있는 클래식 곡들로 다수의 음반을 낸 브루노 산필리포(Bruno Sanfilippo), 특유의 따뜻한 분위기로 잘 알려져있는 페데리코 듀란(Federico Durand) 등 - 이미 다양한 작업을 해온 음악가와 셀프 릴리즈로 알려지기 시작한 재능있는 뮤지션의 곡들이 함께 어우러져있다.

지난 해 발매한 세 번째 음반으로 호평을 받은 윌라메트(Willamette), 앰비언트와 클래식, 전자음악을 꾸준히 발매해오는 레이블 Home Normal의 큐레이터이자 아티스트인 이안 호굿(Ian Hawgood)과 대니 노버리(Danny Norbury)의 곡이 말미를 장식한다. 특히 마지막 곡은 지금은 활동을 중단한 레이블 Koen Music을 통해 발표했던 주옥 같은 곡인 만큼 음반의 형태로 다시 소개되는 건 굉장히 의미있는 일이다. 오래된 곡과 최근의 곡들이 잘 짜여진 흐름에 따라 재배치된 이 음반은 기존 팬들에게도, 새로운 청자들에게도 좋은 안내서가 될 것이다.

‘새벽을 위한 믹스테잎’은 동명의 연재물로 시작하여, 영상 작가 라야가 사진과 선곡을 맡아 밤에 어울리는 음악들을 30분 내외의 분량으로 묶어서 소개해왔다. 2013년 4월부터 총 27편의 플레이리스트를 유어마인드 블로그를 통해 연재했으며 온라인 연재 이외에도 2014년 4월 첫번째 컴필레이션 음반을 발매한 바 있다.

01 Richard A. Ingram - Nocturne No.6
02 Machinone - Ruoho
03 Julien Marchal - INSIGHT VIII
04 Ulises Conti - D
05 Murkok - Down The Rabbit Hole
06 Madeleine Cocolas - I Can See You Whisper
07 Antendex - Low Visibility
08 Darren McClure - Steps Taken, Adrift
09 Bruno Sanfilippo - The Movement of The Grass
10 Federico Durand - Clavel
11 Willamette - End of Good Discipline
12 Danny Norbury & Ian Hawgood - I_I

RUNNING TIME : 68’ 26”

Compiled and designed by RAYA
Published by YOUR-MIND

ШАΛАШ ~ Compilation

Amigos, participo, con un tema inédito, en este compilado del sello ШАΛАШ, de Novosibirsk, Siberia. El sello, así como los artistas, tienen un aura mágica. Editado en cassette, con un bello arte de tapa.

You can listen & purchase the tapes HERE.

Live at Midori-so, Tokyo

The Spekk night in Japan, 2014. A wonderful album with 4 live performances realeased by Kualauk Table.

1. Asuna + Minoru Sato
2. Taylor Deupree + Tomoyoshi Date + Corey Fuller + Federico Durand
3. Stephan Mathieu + Toshimaru Nakamura
4. Stephan Mathieu + Toshimaru Nakamura + Celer

You can listen and purchase this album HERE

Also, you can read and see a beautiful live report of this special event HERE.

A very special collaboration :

Stephan Mathieu - Nachtstücke


Four pieces, 260 minutes 

with a special contribution by Federico Durand (tape-loops)

13-page PDF booklet by Caro Mikalef for Cabina

You can purchase this album HERE.

11 January 2015 

Live in Komyouji Temple, Japan

Es un placer presentarles este nuevo y maravilloso álbum en vivo que registra el concierto en Komyoji, Kamakura (Japón), en un hermoso templo del siglo XII con jardines de piedra y ciruelos centenarios. Los invito a ver el video y también escuchar. 

This time I want to introduce you this wonderful new album recorded live in Komyoji, Kamakura (Japan), a beautiful XII century temple with stone gardens and ancient plums. I invite you to see and listen. 

Various Artists - Live at Komyouji (Kuakauk Table, Japan)

1. Tetsuro Yausnaga + Melodía (Tomoyoshi Date + Federico Durand)

2. Ken Ikeda + Sawako Kato

3.Toshimaru Nakamura + Tetuzi Akiyama
4. Stephan Mathieu + Taylor Deupree + ILLUHA + Federico Durand 

You can buy this album HERE

Machinone's album debut, by Flau (Japan)

Once again, flau has become home for another exciting new artist. Machinone, the multi-instrumentalist who hails from Tohoku, Japan, with his gorgeous debut album “Tokyo”, joined the ever expanding artist roster of flau.
6 years ago, machinone (Daizo Kato) from Tohoku, moved to the west side of Tokyo, and opened a new chapter of his life. During these 6 years, he has been drawn to the fascinating surroundings of the town he stayed – a wonderful mix of modernization from the current time and nostalgic vestiges of the urban past. And thus, his debut album “Tokyo” was born – a collection of machinone’s delicate sketches of the town.Using prepared guitar, with bow and bell, banjo, clarinet, stepping organ, wood toys, tape recorder, small piano, and various other musical instruments, mechinone gently outlined his various impressions of Tokyo. Soft finger-picking guitar playing, melodies with a sense of nostalgic, warm tape noise touches, ensemble of lush acoustic instruments, field recordings and ambient sounds that came from outside of his bedroom, encapsulate his sounds in a very unique way. This delicate debut album from machinone also made perfect by guest musicians like Takashi Tsuda (Radiosonde), Danny Norbury, Federico Durand, and elegantly mastered by Naph, who all together gave the album wonderful doses of beauty and exquisiteness. (text re-written by wei @ mu-nest)

ギターを中心にバンジョー、クラリネット、足踏みオルガン、木製の玩具、テープレコーダー、ピアノなど、様々な楽器を操るマルチ・インストゥルメンタリストmachinoneが録りためた記念すべきファーストアルバムとなる都市のスケッチ集。自身が6年程住んだ東京の西側をテーマに、現代から田園風景が広がっていた過去の面影と幻想が入り交じった、広い意味での街を描いています。優しくノスタルジックな旋律を奏でるギターのフィンガー・ピッキング、温もりのあるテープノイズの感触、牧歌的で瑞々しい生楽器のアンサンブルを柔らかく包み込むように偶然入って来る周囲の音。朴訥とした雰囲気の中にもユニークな音響トリートメントと、ベルや弓などを使ったプリペアド・ギターなど自由な奏法とミックスによって、東京の持つ多彩な表情を穏やかに紡いだファーストアルバムです。Danny Norbury、Federico Durand、そして津田貴司がゲスト参加

This is a very special collaboration.

With the participation of Federico Durand, Naoko Suzuki,  Daisuke Suzuki , Francis Plagne & Timo Van Luijk
Music box, intimate music with a large palette of instruments, voices, sounds, mixed feelings and mysteries.

Side A sounds like a window opened on travelling memories, half awakened thoughts and shared moments.

Side B has a more dreamy and nocturnal wandering atmosphere, with undulating rays sporadically lighting a subconscious picture.

Very limited cassette tape of 100 copies ~ Sold out. 

For more information about beautiful Andrew Chalk's releases, please visit FARAWAY PRESS.

On the 21st of March 2014 Home Normal celebrated 5 years of Home Normal.  
To celebrate this great landmark for us, we will be releasing our 5th year compilation 'Elements'. With over 60 artists from our past, present and future involved, this five disc compilation will be raising money for 5 different charities which are close to our hearts. All profits from the releases will be donated to the charities as follows:

Elements One (地)
The Archway Foundation is a charity that was set-up by my father which aids those who suffer from loneliness through outreach, social events, and befriending.

Elements Two (水)
The British Heart Foundation fund extra research into the causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart and circulatory disease.

Elements Three (火)
ecoACTIVE is an innovative environmental education charity with a reputation for using hands-on, practical and fun approaches to explore complex issues of sustainability.

Elements Four (風)
Habitat Japan is very close to our hearts as they help to build houses for people who lost their homes in Sendai and Fukushima. They also provide valuable support worldwide to those in most need.

Elements Five (空)
Kalaweit is a wonderful charity my wife supports regularly. Its main objective is to save the gibbons of Indonesia and their habitat. In addition to this they also educate the local community about deforestation, as well as the dangers of increased use of palm oil leading to a rapid destruction of their habitat and continuing loss of biodiversity. Such education and protection is fundamental in one of the mot incredible (but poorly protected) countries in the world. 
With Federico Durand, Melodía, Nicolas Bernier, René Magraff, Isnaj Dui,  Steinbrüchel, Dom Mino', Danny Norbury, and other wonderful artists.


released 25 April 2014
Mixed and mastered by Ian Hawgood
Design by togoshi + mondül

Taram Tarambola -film by María Castillejo Carmen (Belgium)

My musical pieces "Kim", "Crisantemo" and "El libro de los árboles mágicos" appear in the beautiful and delicate film "Taram Tarambola" (Belgium). The movie was directed by María Castillejo Carmen and the lead roles were performed by the little actresses Fantine Harduin and Ixyane Lete. Thank you very much!

A very special new release trough I Will Play This Song Again Records (Belgium).

Only 7 original and unique 7" dubplates with 2 musical pieces. Every dubplate has unique features each time, as they were recorded especially for each costumer.

Thank you very much Sylvain Chauveau and Flourent Garnier for the kind invitation. My gratitude to 
Nicolas Bernier for buying a copy and this lovely pictures.

Date of the sale: Saturday 21st DECEMBER 2014 at 12:00 (noon, belgian time).  Sold out.
A gathering of 15 sound artists from 11 countries, Vernacular connects the
past and future of the electronica, ambient and experimental scenes using
the locality of each artist's country as the theme. 
Produced by Yui Onodera.
7. TU M'

You can visit the the website of this amazing musical project HERE.

DRONARIVM, DR-09, CD, ltd. 200

Dronarivm achieves a new orbit. The Aquarius project is a whole constellation of emblematic names. Specially for this conceptual compilation iconic figures of the ambient scene from 10 countries of the world recorded 15 exclusive tracks. Gradual submersion into the cosmic ocean turns into a meditative diving in the subconsciousness, deep-water exploration of the internal Universe. Unsteady acoustic space changes every moment its unstable shape, but in this state of zero gravity one feels completely at ease. Every musician’s style is inimitable in its individuality and readily recognizable, but all tracks have one general concept, and every track takes its niche in a well thought-out composition of the album.

Featuring: Federico Durand / The Green Kingdom / Pjusk / Melodium (offthesky drone mix) / Simon Whetham / Loscil / Marsen Jules / Fabio Orsi / Pillowdiver / Machinefabriek / Hakobune + Hiroki Sasajima / Francisco López / Pleq + Mathieu Ruhlmann / Yann Novak Segue (bonus track, only digital download)

Compiled by Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq)
Mastering by Jason Corder
Designed by E. Plushbearcat 

Date / 2012.10.10 - Remix album
Label / ensl (Japan)
Track list

01. Christopher Willits remix
02. Federico Durand remix
03. sawako remix feat. taishi kamiya
04. Hior Chronik remix
05. aus remix

06. caroline remix
07. cokiyu remix
08. Dom Mino’ remix
09. The Green Kingdom
10. Gurun Gurun remix

#344 - October, 2012
The latest volume in our series of experimental and underground music compilation CDs.
Featuring 20 new, rare or unreleased tracks from Matthewdavid, Captain Miki, After The Rain, Center of the Universe featuring Easy, Andrey Kiritchenko, Wires Under Tension, David Coulter & Ralph Carney, Manuella Blackburn, Tudor Acid, Every Hidden Color, Valgeir Sigursson, Rhodri Davies, Last Days, Merzouga, Food Pyramid, Lind, Bohm, Ghikas & Walshe, jealousy mountain duo, Lasse-Marc Riek and Bersarin Quartett.

The Wire Tapper 30 CD comes with every copy of The Wire October 2012 (issue 344) and is available as a download to digital and print subscribers. For more information and a full tracklist head here.
Track 10
Every Hidden Color 
“I” (excerpt) 

from Luz
Federico Durand and Nicholas Szczepanik work together as the duo Every Hidden Color. Durand weaves simple melodies together with field recordings made in the heart of Argentina. He adores books, autumn, John Keats’s poetry, botanical prints and Earl Grey tea. Szczepanik’s audio narratives are influenced by contemporary philosophy and fiction, and address the modern human condition with maximum emotional impact.

title: girl you know that i am here but the dream
artist: Cuushe
cat#: FLAU26
date: June 20th. 2012
format: 3inch cdr x 3 + booklet / digital
mastering: Miles Whittaker
artwork: Rachel Evans (Motion Sickness Of Time Travel / Quiet Evenings)
数々のアーティストがフェイバリットに挙げる圧倒的な存在感を持った歌声、ノイズ混じりのリヴァーブに溶けていくピアノとギターのストローク、空気の中に浮遊する歪んだシンセサイザー。霞みのかかった残響と幻想的に幾重にも重ねられた声は、いつ終わることのない夢の向こう側をユーフォリックに描きます。昨年公開されて話題を呼んだシンセポップ〜チルウェイヴ、エクスペリメンタル・ポップを越境した名曲「Do You Know The Way To Sleep」など、新曲3曲とリミックスを収録。
Teen DazeやBotany、Blackbird Blackbirdなど今をときめくシンセポップ・リヴァイヴァル/チルウェーブ男子から、ポーランドのビートメイカーKixnare、flauよりGeskia!、そしてJulia HolterやMotion Sickness of Time Travelら実験音楽の地平を切り開く気鋭の女性作家まで、多彩なリミキサー陣にも注目です。
Girl (disc 1)
01 Do You Know the Way to Sleep
02 Do You Know the Way to Sleep (Geskia! Remix)
03 Summer Night Sketch (Botany Remix)
04 Swimming in the Room (Julia Holter Remix)
You Know That I am Here (disc 2)
01 I Dreamt Silence
02 From the Window on the Plane (Kixnare Remix )
03 9125days of Sleep Waves (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)
04 I Dreamt Silence (Teen Daze Remix)
But The Dream (disc 3)
01 9125days of Sleep Waves
02 Dust of Dreams (Motion Sickness Of Time Travel Remix)
03 9125days of Sleep Waves (Federico Durand Remix)

Beautiful compilation album by Audio Gourmet & Hibernate.

Following on from the success of last year’s Hidden Landscapes compilation, Audio Gourmet have teamed together with Hibernate again to present a second edition. This year’s follow up includes an astonishing roster of artists from across the globe, which cross-sections the modern scene. The album is set up to carefully explore this, with guitar based openers from Marsen Jules and Talvihorros onto more modern classical material from Midori Hirano, Danny Norbury, The Frozen Vaults, Rudi Arapahoe and Federico Durand. The second half of the album opens out to more subtle drone works from Quinn Walker, Pawn, Lawrence English, Field Rotation, Pjusk and Offthesky before closing with a hint of noise by Konntinent, Strom Noir and Ian Hawgood.

Distribution in Japan by the lovely p*dis.

Mastered by Rudi Arapahoe. Photography by Jonathan Lees. Compiled by Harry Towell and Bartosz Dziadosz. 

Released 16 March 2012


"Winter at Night" (Nature Bliss)

tr.1 "Snow Dress" by Sad Souls from 「Apeiron」

tr.2 "Viima" by Ous Mal 
from 「Nuojuva Halava」 (Preservation)

tr.3 "Los Alerces Del Patio" by Federico Durand 
from 「La Siesta Del Cipre's」 (spekk)

tr.4 "Magnetar" by Ohanami 
from 「Ohanami」 (wonderyou)

tr.5 "Swish" by Sami Abadi 
from 「Amber & Topaz」 (panai)

tr.6 "Summer Palace" by Wu Fei from 「A Distant Youth」

tr.7 "Trees Reflecting On The Surface Of The Lake" by Opitope 
from 「Hau」 (spekk)

tr.8 "Cloud Speed" by Sad Souls from 「Apeiron

tr.9 "Eyrie Of The Phoenix" by Janek Schaefer 
from 「Phoenix & Phaedra Holding Patterns」 (spekk)

Quiet Moments ~ Floating Sunlight


あの名コンピシリーズ / ロングセラー・アイテム『クワイエット・モーメンツ』待望の第3弾が早くも登場!



「都市生活者のためのサウンド・トラック」をテーマに、あわただしい毎日の中、じっくり音楽と向き合えるプライベートな時間に耳を傾けたい良質な音源を紹介していくコンピレーション・シリーズ「Quiet Moments」待望の第3弾。
選曲・監修は「JAZZ DANCER」「JOYFUL GROOVES!」シリーズを手掛けるなど、ジャンルにとらわれない聴き方の提案を得意とする吉村健氏。その現場感覚と、純粋な音楽ファンとしての思い入れを存分に発揮した選曲です。音楽が短いサイクルで消費され続ける現在において、5年後、10年後にも聴き返したくなるような内容の作品となりました。
Compilation album from Impartmaint Inc. (Japan). 
With artsits as sayCet, Julianna Barwick, Federico Durand, Sun Glitters and many others.

Scenery Of Sound

CD compilation included in the “Ambient Music 1960-2010″ Anthology Book. Only 2000 pressed copies of the CD. It is exclusively available in Japan at Tower Records, HMV and Disk Union.

Labels: P*dis + Spekk + 12k + Kitchen + Home Normal + Kranky + n5MD + Dynamophone + Type

01. Taylor Deupree / A Dead Yellow Carpet
02. Grouper / Heavy Water / I’d Rather Be Sleeping 

03. Tim Hecker / Chimeras
04. Chris Weisman & Greg Davis / The Nine Times
05. Federico Durand / Pudu, tu nombre es Tobias?
06. Fjordne / Everyone Has a Season 
07. Last Days / Blue and White Flowers
08. Goldmund / Marching Through Georgia

Various Artists - 31songs for japan
Flau (Japan)

This is an attempt to help the victims within our means. All the artists on this compilation openly contributed (mostly yet unreleased) music to support the relief in the affected areas of Japan. All proceeds of the sales of this compilation will be entirely donated to the Red Cross Japan.

With Danny Nourboury, Kika Kira, Talons', The Boats, Florencia Ruiz, Isan, Peter Broderick, Federico Durand, Cristoph Berg, Gurun Gurun, Sylvain Chauveau and many more...

この度の東北地方太平洋沖地震に対してのレーベルの活動として、また多数の海外アーティストからの要望を受け、 ドイツ・ミュンヘンにて4月に開催されたframeworks festivalと共に、救済支援コンピレーションを制作しました。
レーベルそして日本と縁の深い海外アーティストによる楽曲を収録、 配信手数料を除による収益の全てが、日本赤十字社へと寄付されます。

Chihei Hatakeyama – A Long Journey
Home Normal (Japan)

Cat.No : home n011

Release date : January 25th, 2010

Edition number : 1000 (digipack)

Given the nature of A Long Journey, even the track titles themselves, I am reminded of how I feel when I visit these sacred places. Whilst people might not believe in religion and its after-thoughts, there is something about such places that creates a space within, a quiet space of peace and calm. In the music and indeed the titles themselves, it is this very feeling I get when I listen to A Long Journey. Its very focused on its field recordings, but it also highlights what a fabulously talented musician Chihei is, with very direct guitar-based pieces, as well as gorgeous piano elements. That it features the enormously talented (and future Home Normal artist) Federico Durand, only highlights its beautiful mystery (after all…Federico does much of his recording high up in the mountains of his native Argentina).

“Calm” is a collaboration piece inclouded in this Chihei Hatakeyama's album.

Sketches for Albinos - Day Of Being Wild And Kind

ALBUM  /  18 AUG 2010
LABEL : Nothings66
CAT.NO : N-66CD002

Album with remixes by Moskitoo (12k), Chihei Hatakeyama (Spekk, Own Records, Home Normal) and F. D. (Spekk, Own Records).

Ian Hawgood – Slow Films In Low Light
Home Normal (Japan)

Slow Films In Low Light is a collection of remixes and re-workings.

The proceeds from this release will go to The Archway Foundation, a UK charity who serve those hurt by loneliness.
Cat.No: home n013

Release date: February 12th, 2010

Edition number: 1000 (digipack)


01. A Film by Federico Durand
02. A Film by Pan Am Scan

03. A Film by The Remote Viewer

04. A Film by Danny Norbury

05. A Film by Color Cassette
06. A Film by Geskia!

07. A Film by Hannu

08. A Film by Yuri Miyauchi

09. A Film by Miko
10. A Film by The Green Kingdom
11. A Film by Library Tapes

12. A Film by Ten and Tracer
13. A Film by Chihei Hatakeyama

14. A Film by He Can Jog feat. Nick Sanborn

mü-nest (Malaysia)

Like wizards exchanging spells of enchanting wonder, winged tales is a splendid musical experiment that trails lightly but surely upon the deepest, most graceful recesses of our mind and soul, tantalizing with every exquisite detail, a superb musical experience that lets us bask and dwell in the most dreamful, beautiful of sublime serenity.
aspidistrafly x haruka nakamura
1. red toe nails (haruka nakamura's noite quieta remix)
2. luz (aspidistrafly's 幻の光 remix)
hearts+horses x aus
3. tufts (aus remix)
4. IHI (hearts+horses remix)
flica x FJORDNE
5. l (FJORDNE remix)
6. bites of snow (flica remix)
Dom Mino’ x Federico Durand
7. Land of Forgotten Morals (Federico Durand remix)
8. Tilo (Dom Mino’ remix)
me:mo x Akira Kosemura
9. 小歌儿 (Akira Kosemura remix)
10Just A Few Minutes (me:mo remix)

Emile Hengen & Own Records - Portfolio

Limited edition (150 copies) -
Emile (Own Records) dreamt of an artbox filled with poems, drawings, illustrations & photographs. Plus a music compilation One Decade Of Introspection curated by Own Records. He called it "portfolio".

With Emile Hengen, Iker Spozio, Thomas Mery, Christy Romanick, Paulo Mira, Daniel Bürkner, Bryan Zimmerman, Murschel, Federico Durand, Chihei Hatakeyama and many more.