viernes, 8 de junio de 2018

New LP by Andrew Chalk

Una maravillosa noticia! Profundmente feliz de haber colaborado en el nuevo LP de AndrewChalk, que sale precisamente hoy. Música de sueños y telas evanescentes.
Se puede ordenar aquí:
A wonderful news! The new LP by Andrew Chalk, in which I have the pleasure of having collaborated, is released today. Music of dreams and evanescent curtains.
Andrew Chalk
10”/25cm LP  ‘Painted
Label : An’archives
Réf : [ An’08 ]
Edition of 250 copies in tipped-on sleeves with
Japanese obi, insert and postcard. Entirely handmade sleeve edition of Painted
Screens – designed & assembled at Impression Lointaine.
In this album (originally released in 2014), newly remastered for this vinyl edition, Andrew Chalk plays musical arrangements along with Federico Durand, Daisuke & Naoko Suzuki, Francis Plagne & Timo Van Luijk.
Music box: intimate music with a large palette of instruments; Voices and sounds, mixed feelings and mysteries…A window opened on travelling memories, half-awakened thoughts and shared moments – dreamed and nocturnal wandering atmospheres, with undulating rays sporadically lighting a subconscious painting.
date :  09 June 2018