lunes, 8 de mayo de 2017

"La niña junco" reviewed by Loop (Chile)

Loop (CL)

This is the second album released on 12k after the following A Través del Espejo (2016) of Argentine musician Federico Durand, based in La Cumbre, a town of the of Cordoba’s mountain range, who in the last four years have seven releases on 12k, Spekk, White Paddy Mountain and Pudú labels.
In this breakthrough creative production, Durand recorded all nine songs on this album in two days, using his first Crumar Performer synthesizer along with two looping pedals and Roland Space Echo RE-201.
Immersed in small sounds that unfold slowly creating unpolished infant stories that release the hiss itself for nostalgia. The oscillations are like sea waves of the sea that come and go and small objects like palitroques beat each other. The dance of reeds shaken by the wind is the fresh air that shakes this disc for its simple beauty.
Muchas gracias Guillermo Escudero y Loop! Saludos cordiales desde las Sierras! F.