domingo, 1 de junio de 2014

Melodía - Saudades (Japanese CD versión) reviewed by LOOP (Chile)

Melodía comprise Argentine Federico Durand and Japanese Tomoyoshi Date. Durand has released several records on Own Records, Spekk, Home Normal and is one half Opitope (alongwith Chihei Hatakeyama releasing on Spekk) and one half of Illuha (alongwith Corey Fuller releasing on 12K). 
'Saudade' originally released on vinyl on Own Records label and produced during their European tour in 2012 and mastered by American sound artist Stephan Mathieu, now is release by Kaico adding four unreleased tracks.
'Saudade' consist of nine beautiful and harmonic songs which are into the ambient genre with organic textures, field recordings, electronic processing, bells, guitar and piano. The music is reminiscent of images with a colorful, cheerful and innocent sensibility. The innocence in this world today in my opinion is crushed by misused craftiness; with set foot over the other, the lack of respect and the lack of listening that we have between us. 'Saudade' brings me more open to diversity, to listen and contemplate the beauty of things in the world. The sounds of birds, the sound of the sea and the steps of a walker and the voices on 'The rise of early morning', make me think that there are lights shining in our environment. 'Saudade' shows me that innocence is a value to treasure in our souls.

Text by Guillermo Escudero


Thank you very much LOOP and Guillermo Escudero!