sábado, 22 de noviembre de 2014

OUT NOW ~ Adormidera (limited cassette-tape)

OUT NOW ~ Federico Durand - Adormidera
50 copies only.

Beautiful cassette tape + Original silkscreen + Cloth-bed
Very unique pice of art, made by Femke and Pieter.
label : Dauw Label (Ghent, Belgium)
artwork : Original art piece by Femke
release date : 22 November 2014
format : Cassette-tape

"Adormidera” is the Spanish word for poppy flower. This tape, originally released as a very limited tour souvenir, has two long pieces crafted with circular melodies. 70's and 80's cassette tapes were used during the recordings.
The first piece "Niebla, montaña, pinos" is a transcription of a dream where a choir of girls sung to celebrate the harvest. I made it with very lo-fi recordings from Youtube.
The second piece is "Adormidera” in which I also used layers of voices, acoustic guitar and piano.

“Fled is that music:—Do I wake or sleep?” - John Keats
Buenos Aires, Southern Spring of 2014