jueves, 18 de diciembre de 2014

New album! Melodía ~ Diario de viaje (Home Normal, 2014)

Melodía - Diario de Viaje 

Order : 


label : Home Normal (Japan)
artwork : Caroline Derselle
design : Christian Roth & Ian Hawgood
master : Tomoyoshi Date
tour pictures : Melodía
release date : 25 December 2014
format : CD

Melodía is Federico Durand and Tomoyoshi Date.

This album was recorded in Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Germany and Japan. Mixed in Tokyo and Buenos Aires.


Muchas gracias Tomoyoshi, Ian y Home Normal! F.


Press Release:

Tomoyoshi Date has long been on the Home Normal radar due to his wonderful solo work, as well as his work with Chihei Hatakeyama (Opitope), Corey Fuller (ILLUHA), and finally, with our dear friend Federico Durand (Melodía). Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but currently residing in Tokyo, Japan, Tomo started working with Fede (himself from a suburb of beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina), after releasing solo works on the brilliant Own Records label. After touring in Europe in 2012, they released their first album as Melodía called ‘Saudades’ in February of 2013.
After the success of the Melodía debut, as well as Federico’s growing popularity in Japan in particular with the now classic Home Normal release ‘El Libro De Los Árboles Mágicos’, Tomo invited Fede to tour Japan. The result of recordings in hotel rooms, friend’s houses, fields, and various other places, is the perfectly titled ‘Diario de viaje’ (literally translated as ‘travel diary’).  Taken from their recordings in both Europe and Japan, the album perfectly embodies the tender, organic nature of their work, as they carefully layer the most fragile of sounds.
Given the nature of Home Normal as essentially a home to wandering / wondering music, ‘Diario de viaje’ is a perfect fit of music through true friendship; a wide-eyed innocent look at the world as it should be. Given that both have recently become fathers (Fede for the first time, Tomo for the second) , this innocence is something warm to snuggle up to as the winter takes its chilly hold.