lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2015

Magical Imaginary Child ~ Reviewed by Infinite Grain

Listening is pure innocence, detachment, abandonment not of sound but the claim for it. Composing is largely invitation to humility and intuition, showing that what we call spirit is actually pure silence, that which awakens, moves and encourages sound as such; a silence present as sonic transparency, audible simplicity, openness to the naked manifestation of existing here, as visitors in an unfinished road, such as Durand and Hatakeyama, who come together to pay tribute to this sonic silence by drawing a looping  ode to the magic of melody, but also using noise as a messenger of concentration; generating landscapes and atmospheres which despite of being empty reflections and rootless echoes still pierce the soul and let dreams fly. This work is heard life, sound life, a beautiful gift to the heart’s ear, creating a subtle soliloquy in which listeners are doors to pure poetry, an allegorical manifestation of the ineffable. 


Thank you very much Infinite Grain for listening! F.