sábado, 21 de enero de 2017

NEW RELEASE: Federico Durand - Pavel

Federico Durand : "Pavel"
label : Pudú : Argentina ~ Self release
artwork : The image is a detail from a charity seal made by Lotte Reiniger.
release date : January 20th. 2017
cat : Pudú 3
format : Digital ~ A very limited cassette-souvenir edition will be available only during my concerts in Japan, March 2017.

By purchasing this release you will help me fund my Japanese Tour ~ 花見 2017.

If you can, please support independent artists. Thank you very much!

This album is a musical approach to traditional children stories, which have a circular narrative, innocent and eerie at the same time. A haunting aura caught me while I was recording this music, in the attic of my home in La Cumbre, at dusk, as a fairy tale. Every piece of "Pavel" could be a company for rainy days, a train journey, in a park, walking under the stars after work, or during a nap: its melodies almost hypnotic will guide you towards to a dream state, as if you were inside your own legend of the forest.

Federico Durand : ARP Odyssey, Auris Lyre, acoustic guitar, El Capistan, Count To Five, Roland Space Echo RE-201, Electro Harmonix 2880, tape-loops, bells, keys, black pencil, contact and condenser microphones & small wooden-frog.