martes, 23 de marzo de 2010

La siesta del ciprés

Federico Durand : "La siesta del ciprés"
label: Spekk
artwork: mondii
drawing and paper-craft: Satoshi Ogawa
release date : April 2010 (WORLDWIDE)
cat : KK023 / format : CD

"Music for a nap" produced by Federico Durand from Argentina. His debut album sounds like if watching a dreamy fairytale processing various instruments into sine wave-like tones. Simply beautiful and touching.

At the time I was creating "La siesta del ciprés" I was very interested, and still am, in the sensations produced by listening to music while falling asleep. In Spanish, the word "duermevela" names that instant when we are awake and not asleep; a territory of fog and extreme lucidity. Listening to music in "duermevela" makes us enter the world of melodies, of insights and memories; the world of La siesta del ciprés. For La siesta del ciprés I worked for a long time with an old PC, which was over ten years old. Accordingly, the recording process was very slow and arduous, but rewarding with time. The album became a search of simplicity as craft. Sounds of cassette tapes reinforce, as an allegory, my imagination of beauty and love to rusticity.

[Text by Federico Durand]


今後、世界中のレーベルからリリース予定のアルゼンチン音響の要注目人物によるデビューアルバム!「杉の木の昼寝」と題された本作は、昼寝のための音楽集 をコンセプトに制作した、必要最小限でもって、最高にメロディアスな名作です。10年前の古いコンピューターと楽器を使い、「シンプルであること」「簡素 なものへの愛情」をたっぷりに描いた楽曲群はどこまでも素朴で心地よく、まるで童話を読んでいるかのようです。....