lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012

The Wire #344, October 2012 (UK)

The latest volume in our series of experimental and underground music compilation CDs.
Featuring 20 new, rare or unreleased tracks from Matthewdavid, Captain Miki, After The Rain, Center of the Universe featuring Easy, Andrey Kiritchenko, Wires Under Tension, David Coulter & Ralph Carney, Manuella Blackburn, Tudor Acid, Every Hidden Color, Valgeir Sigursson, Rhodri Davies, Last Days, Merzouga, Food Pyramid, Lind, Bohm, Ghikas & Walshe, jealousy mountain duo, Lasse-Marc Riek and Bersarin Quartett.

The Wire Tapper 30 CD comes with every copy of The Wire October 2012 (issue 344) and is available as a download to digital and print subscribers. For more information and a full tracklist head here.
Track 10
Every Hidden Color 
“I” (excerpt) 

from Luz
Federico Durand and Nicholas Szczepanik work together as the duo Every Hidden Color. Durand weaves simple melodies together with field recordings made in the heart of Argentina. He adores books, autumn, John Keats’s poetry, botanical prints and Earl Grey tea. Szczepanik’s audio narratives are influenced by contemporary philosophy and fiction, and address the modern human condition with maximum emotional impact. 
Thank you very much, The Wire! F.