domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

A nice review @ Cyclic Defrost (Asutralia)

The title of this album, translate as ‘The ecstasy of little flowers’ conveys a sense of the nature of small bright moments that make up the miniature of vast landscapes of joyous endeavor. Argentinian Federico Durand compacts acoustic guitar, piano, field recordings and recording techniques into these moments. The melodies are simple and sparse in their unleashing, lingering on notes, allowing for the resonance to fulfill it’s promise. Field recordings of birds, children at play, rain, incidental sounds of the performer at work are all fleshed out as aspects of the work and manipulated with an ear towards an electro-acoustic sound palette an a dimensional sense of the sound presentation.

El éxtasis de las flores pequeñas was mastered by Taylor Dupree at 12K which explains the masterful spatial aspects in the recordings and how it conveys through the recorded medium. The delicacy and touch of the work itself bears out as intimate, displaying the technique of classical acoustic guitar technique without the emphasis on display of rigour. Rather it simplifies and amplifies subtle movements and intonations to achieve affect. When the introduction of drones appear later in the album, they are long and ponderous with glimmering overlaid melodic touches and sharp tuning. Overall the achievement of beautiful simplicity is a well honed skill here and an approach to be delighted at in any field.